Charging infrastructure “made in Wolfsburg” for Europe

Mathias Kretschmann
Charging infrastructure “made in Wolfsburg” for Europe
Marc Wille, Geschäftsführer CUBOS, Lena Düpont, MdEP, Manfred Weber, MdEP, und Dennis Weilmann, Oberbürgermeisterkandidat für Wolfsburg (von links nach rechts), vor der CUBOS-Wallbox C11E Premium

Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group, is interested in solutions for private and commercial applications.

The mobility of the future is not only moving Wolfsburg, but all of Europe – e-mobility and autonomous driving are the decisive topics in individual transport. Manfred Weber, Chairman of the European People's Party (EPP), visited the ES-Tec group of companies during his trip to Wolfsburg and had the innovations presented to him. Weber was impressed by the multifunctional touch steering wheel with haptic feedback, which he was able to touch and experience in the ID.3.

CUBOS, as a specialist for charging infrastructure, was able to convince Weber with the new C11E Premium wallbox. The company develops and produces hardware and software solutions for the partially public charging of electric vehicles. In addition to general aspects of e-mobility, topics such as conformity with calibration law or the lack of legal requirements for electricity billing were highlighted in the discussion.

“Wolfsburg is the headquarters of Volkswagen,” emphasises Dennis Weilmann, mayoral candidate for Wolfsburg. “The course for the mobility of tomorrow is being set in our region. Electromobility, autonomous driving and the networking of home and car are also being developed in the many medium-sized Wolfsburg companies such as CUBOS.”

“Vehicles are stationary vehicles for a large part of the day,” explains Marc Wille, Managing Director of CUBOS. “The vast majority of drivers live in rented accommodation. The mobility shift towards e-vehicles can only succeed if the electricity – preferably from a solar system – is fed into the cars at the workplace. We would like to see reliable framework conditions for this in the form of regulations and subsidies.”

CUBOS itself has set a good example and invested in a solar system with 100 kW/h peak and combined this system with an intermediate storage of 100 kW. “With our software, we can control the energy flow intelligently and thus achieve partial self-sufficiency not only for the company building but also for our fleet,” Wille reveals. Around the building, 25 wallboxes – own and third-party brands – are distributed, which are managed and dynamically controlled via the CUBOS.Connect load management system.