Mayoral candidate Dennis Weilmann visits the ES-Tec group of companies

Mathias Kretschmann
Mayoral candidate Dennis Weilmann visits the ES-Tec group of companies
Mayoral candidate Dennis Weilmann in an exchange with Markus Schuchardt and Marc Wille (from left to right)

Exactly 100 days before the election, Dennis Weilmann, candidate for the office of Lord Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg, visits the ES-Tec group of companies in Wolfsburg's Heinenkamp industrial estate. Dennis Weilmann arrives in his colourfully decorated Volkswagen ID.4. Fitting, because the ID.4 touches all parts of the group.

With over 250 employees, ES-Tec GmbH is primarily a leading development service provider for Volkswagen at the Wolfsburg site: in the Comfort Electronics Forum, the teams are responsible for countless switches and control elements, as well as testing the AR/Heads-up unit and providing development support for the HV climate control electronics. The Driver Assistance Forum guarantees that the vehicle is safely piloted by means of Front Assist and Travel Assist, for example, and can also park autonomously if desired thanks to other systems. Speaking of safety: ES-Tec played a major role in the development and testing so that the ID.4 was awarded the maximum rating of 5 stars according to NCAP in active safety.

The group innovator is particularly proud of the steering wheel. Together with Volkswagen, GE-T GmbH is the patent holder for the multifunction touch steering wheel, which also transmits haptic feedback. The team of around 40 not only develops the technology of tomorrow, but also operates an extensive test house with a battery and acoustics laboratory, environmental and climate simulations and much more.

As a specialist for charging infrastructure, CUBOS guarantees the mobility of the ID.4. Since the market launch of the ID.Charger last autumn, the youngest company in the group has already installed more than 1,000 wallboxes - mainly in private households in the Wolfsburg city area and the surrounding region. But the company is also proud of the installation of a professional charging infrastructure around the VFL Arena, which is gradually being expanded to 68 AC and eight DC charging stations.

E-mobility and the associated topic of charging were also the focus of the meeting. While an above-average number of private households in Wolfsburg are already equipped with a wallbox, the availability of charging points at the workplace is still a challenge. Here, too, Weilmann wants to push Wolfsburg forward quickly. “The expansion of the charging infrastructure is a task for society as a whole. The city has already done a good job with the four fast-charging parks in the city centre. Now it is important to ensure that charging is possible throughout the city, both at home and at work. Of course, new challenges will arise, for example with regard to load management or billing modalities. That's why I'm very pleased that the company CUBOS is taking on this issue and, together with Wolfsburg AG, is supporting the companies in Wolfsburg with advice and also as an implementation partner.”

Marc Wille, Managing Director of the group of companies, encourages Weilmann: “With CUBOS, we are also able to serve B2B customers of all sizes. The electrification of a car park in the area with almost 100 charging points is proof of concept for us. Our experience with residential condominium communities is also special. Here we have learned how complex the topic of charging infrastructure can be. In particular, electricity billing is a challenge for the residential property rules. In such cases, CUBOS takes on the role of the charging point operator, who charges for the electricity.”