Door control module

Touch controls are ubiquitous in an increasingly technology-focused world. They combine aesthetics and comfort. At the same time, operating them – without taking your eyes off the road – becomes a challenge for the driver of a modern car. GE-T has already researched and developed intelligent solutions to this problem.

Beyond the haptic feedback of the multifunction touch steering wheel in the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, GE-T is also re-imagining the door control module. This project was entirely managed by GE-T, from the initial ideas stage, through various prototypes, to the near-series control unit.

In addition to the illuminated and three-dimensionally shaped IML plastic components, GE-T also makes use of touch surfaces with haptic feedback. The active feedback to the user particularly suits the application in a vehicle. The feedback experience – in combination with the structures integrated into the surface for finding the corresponding control panel – enables operation by the driver even in limited vision situations.

This pioneering concept ensures protection at all times against operating errors with the simultaneous activation of two geometrically separated control surfaces: the active double touch replaces the previously common "pull-to-close" function and thus ensures the highest standards of operating safety of the window controls for the benefit of all occupants of a modern vehicle.